Curricular Structure

Lower School

Because children are never too young to learn great things.

The full array of MLCA Lower School subjects is divided into four curricular divisions. Students attend classes between two and five times a week, depending on the subject.

  • Humanities

    • English Language and Literature 

    • History 

    • Geography 

    • History of Art

  • Languages

    • French

    • Latin

  • STEM

    • Math

    • Science

    • Computer Programming

  • Arts & Music

    • Music Theory

    • Violin Ensemble

    • Individual Piano Lessons

    • Art Studio


Upper School

A voyage of the intellect across epochs and continents.

All Upper School students study six core academic subjects: English, History, French, Latin, Math, and Science. Each core class meets in hour-long blocks. English, History, French, and Latin meet three times a week for a total of twelve hours, and Math and Science classes meet four times a week respectively. 

Because our Upper School adopts a seminar-style university format, in many classes, a very significant volume of student learning takes place at home. In the humanities in particular, a heavy load of reading is required outside the classroom, including in the original French and Latin.


Electives offer students the opportunity to pursue an array of academic interests that are not encompassed in the core program, including the arts, as well as deeper engagement in math, science, programming, and foreign languages. They also provide students with the guidance necessary for them to compete in widely-recognized competitions in areas including French, science, and math. While these classes are optional, students who choose to enroll in them are expected to make a serious commitment. Electives are included in student report cards. The overwhelming majority of Upper Students opt to participate in the electives courses.