Upper School

Grades 7-12

A voyage of the intellect across epochs and continents

Our students’ voyage revolves, first and foremost, around core academic subjects in both STEM and the humanities.  Already beginning in 7th grade, these courses adopt a seminar-style university format, with students shifting to hour-long instructional periods which allow the material to be studied in greater breadth and depth. In humanities classes, students read a wide gamut of classical texts,  including in the original French and Latin, and our STEM classes feature highly advanced curricula that enable students to participate competitively in major international competitions. Our innovative electives program enables students to delve deeper by selecting courses from our selection of carefully-curated academic subjects. 

Upon graduation, students will master large swaths of the classical canon, emerging as well-rounded young scholars possessing the knowledge and dispositions to succeed not only in the next stage of their formal education, but also in the next stages of life. In this way, our students embark on a voyage of the intellect across epochs and continents


Alongside our core courses, our unique elective program enables students to pursue a range of rigorous additional academic interests such as coding, art studio, art history, poetry workshop and Shakespeare performance, prestigious international math and science competitions, debate, classical readings, and Hebrew language.