Lower School

Grades K-6

Because children are never too young to learn great things

Main Line Classical Academy is founded on the premise that “children are never too young to learn great things.” For us, “great things” comprises first and foremost the Western tradition, and that is why we identify as a “classical” school. Classical education, also sometimes referred to as liberal education (from  the Latin liber, free), is defined by the belief that a mature adult, free both spiritually and intellectually, is  the product of a course of study grounded in the classical canon of Western humanities, mathematics, arts,  and sciences. This canon is rooted in two mighty traditions: the Greco-Roman and the Judeo-Christian ones. In order to develop true love and mastery of the classical canon, students must come to understand the historical development and the religious and cultural underpinnings of these two traditions, as well as  the fruitful interactions that occurred between them through the centuries.  

To ensure high academic standards, MLCA’s Lower School follows a high school-style format from the very first, with every  academic subject taught by a specialist teacher. Up to eight different specialist teachers interact with every  grade in the course of a day, teaching mostly in 45-min blocks (longer for Science lab and Art Studio). The various subjects are thus led by teachers accomplished in their respective  fields and possessing the presence and zeal to inspire their charges.