Religious Studies

“Underlying our curriculum is a vision of the fundamental role which Judeo-Christian values have played in Western culture.”

While no religious instruction as such takes place during the core school day, we believe that spiritual development is an important aspect of the kind of character and leadership to which we aspire for our students.  As such, the school offers optional religious instruction in the before and after-school hours.

Gur Aryeh Judaic Studies & Immersive Hebrew Program

The Gur Aryeh program at Main Line Classical Academy is dedicated to the proposition that children are never too young to learn great Jewish things. Our program cultivates students who embrace the best of Western civilization as an element of their Jewish identity, are highly literate in Hebrew & Western texts and culture, are proud and educated Zionists, and are deeply committed to leading passionate Jewish lives. Gur Aryeh students emerge as religiously committed individuals who possess deep knowledge of Jewish and Hebrew language, texts, and culture.

Christian Studies Program

Christian Studies is designed to give scholarly knowledge of scripture (both Old and New Testament), Israel’s history, and church history. Though primarily an academic endeavor, the class also nurtures spiritual growth and gives opportunities for prayer. Through a lens of curiosity, and grounded in the Apostle’s Creed as the meeting ground for all Christians, we learn about the God of the Bible and how He shapes and directs our lives. Christian Studies meets 1-2 times a week and is coordinated by Ms. Emily Woo with help from HSA parents.