Asya Sigelman, Ph.D

Head of School

Dr. Sigelman is a founder of the school as well as a teacher of Latin and Art History.

An Associate Professor of Ancient Greek at Bryn Mawr College, Dr. Sigelman conducts scholarly research on the poetry and literature of Classical Antiquity and regularly teaches both undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on the language, literature, culture, religion, and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome. Her book, Pindar’s Poetics of Immortality, was recently published with Cambridge University Press. Throughout her teaching, Dr. Sigelman encourages her students to explore not only the beauty of the language and literature of the ancient world but also their relevance as the origins of Western culture, politics, art, and philosophy. Much of her work has involved connecting with students with no prior background in classics.

Prior to Bryn Mawr, Dr. Sigelman served as adjunct faculty at Tufts University and as a Teaching Fellow at Brown University. In the course of her academic career, Dr. Sigelman has also accrued experience in primary and secondary education. She has taught Ancient Greek at the Wheeler School, an elite independent school in Providence, RI as well as elementary school classes in Ancient History and English literature at the Shaloh House Jewish Day School in Brighton, MA and at the Torah Academy of Brookline, MA.

Dr. Sigelman holds a Ph.D. in Classical Studies from Brown University and a BA summa cum laude in Ancient Greek & Latin, with minors in Music and in German, from Boston University.