Frank Chilbert


 After earning his BA in Theological Studies from Eastern University, Mr. Chilbert and his wife taught in Arizona at a Great Hearts Classical School. During his time there, he taught Ancient History, Medieval History, and Literature and Composition to Junior High students. Since returning to Pennsylvania in 2017, Mr. Chilbert has fallen in love with Main Line Classical Academy. As a teacher, he has enjoyed working with young students in the English classroom and as an administrator, he has enjoyed helping students grow in self-discipline and character. In 2019, he completed his Masters of Arts in Classical Education at the Templeton Honors College and has been using his degree to further the school’s vision to equip students to seek Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Some of Mr. Chilbert’s greatest loves include reading the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, listening to Tchaikovsky, and camping with his family.